Last Updated: 06/14/2024

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stained boots stained boots
Notice the scuffed heels on these. These boots are quite dirty. We must be wondering where she has been walking in these boots. In addition to the stains on the leather these boots seem to be slightly stained by mud perhaps from walking on unpaved surfaces. Certainly this didn't happen at a shopping mall.

Stained Boots are the next hottest thing, along with frayed boots, distressed boots and slashed boots. We put up some photos here until we have time to expand. The more established styles of boots such as moto boots, leopard boots, leather boots and denim boots of course remain a sexy accessory. A boot can be mud stained, water stained, salt stained and more. Lucchese is a designer of fine stained boots. Stuart Weitzman ladies boots, designer boots and cowgirl boots are amongst our favorites. Here you'll also find thigh high boots and over the knee boots. Looking for bog boots or muck boots on sale? Thigh high boots, western boots, cowgirl boots and over the knee boots are the more stylish choice. Cheap boots are much better than ugly boots. The ugliest boots are Uggs. Also on the list are rain boots, snow boots, hunter boots and Ecco boots although they do make stylish boots too. Abused Boots